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  • What are the specs?
    The mat size and format is typical of standard Christmas tree skirts. Ours has no-slip backing, made of soft flexible vinyl material. Water resistant. Flame Retardant. 60" round 0.125" high Center hole 2 size options: STANDARD = 5" for 4-legged stand or Vase/Urn or LARGE = 10" for large round stand. The mat can easily be trimmed with scissors if you need a larger center cut. 3 lbs
  • Will the mat fit any size tree stand?
    The mat fits most tree stands. We offer two sizes: 1) STANDARD = 5" for 4-legged stands or Vases/ Urns; 2) LARGE = 10" for round plastic stands (typical for real trees). Should you want to enlarge the center cut, the mat can be easily trimmed with scissors.
  • What is the best way to clean the mat?
    Use soap and water with a soft cloth, sponge or paper towel. Do NOT use bleach. You can also simply sweep or vacuum the mat.
  • My mat arrived folded with creases.  It doesn't lay flat.  What should I do?
    The material is flexible and will relax once it is laid flat or aound your tree. Will take a few hours and then the creasing will subside.
  • How should I store the mat?
    Save the box in which the item arrived. Fold the mat in half and roll it up. Next Christmas, just unroll the mat and let it settle for a few hours to allow any creasing to settle and relax.
  • Where is the company located?
    Holiday Tree Mats is a subsidiary of ARTzTEX, LLC based in Naples, FL USA. The owners, artists, and employees are based in the United States. Free feel to call us directly at 888-278-9839 to reach our customer service center. Hours of operation 9-5PM EST.
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