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Minimize risk by using our flame retardant Vinyl mat.

Our Holiday Tree Mats are made of flexible Polyvinyl Chloride.  Used for strength, durability and fire-retardancy. The insulating and self-extinguishing nature of PVC helps reduce the risk of flame spread as a result of sparks igniting from electrical cords placed beneath the tree mat. ​  Polyvinyl Chloride is naturally fire retardant. PVC's low rate of flame spread make it ideal for use around a Christmas Tree above the electrical cords.  Fire retardant is a substance and/or material that is used to slow down or stop the spread of fire or reduce its intensity. This is commonly accomplished by chemical reactions that reduce the flammability of fuels or delay their combustion.  Fire retardants may also cool the fuel through physical action or endothermic chemical reactions. 


See scientific properties of PVC.


Polyvinyl chloride - Wikipedia

See NFPA 704  Flammability Score = 0 
Materials that will not burn under typical fire conditions (e.g. Carbon tetrachloride), including intrinsically noncombustible materials such as concrete, stone, and sand. Materials that will not burn in air when exposed to a temperature of 820 °C (1,500 °F) for a period of 5 minutes   


The mat is not fire resistant and may be damaged when exposed to flame, but is likely to extinguish the flame.

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